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Shenzhen Topping Battery Co., Ltd

-- Professional Powe Bank & Laptop Battery
Shenzhen Topping Battery is a professional
manufacturer of replacement laptop batteries and
Mobile Power Bank established in 2008.

We specialize in manufacturing Portable Power
Bank and replacement laptop batteries compatible
with globally known brands such as Apple, Dell,
HP, Toshiba, ACER, IBM and Asus. We offer over
400 models, with the Apple replacement battery
as our exclusive advantage.

We pursue the improvement and innovation of
technology. We glean up first-hand market
information on laptop battery and launch out the
new model development with our experienced
technicians. We also strive to provide customers
with satisfactory and extraordinary before- and
after-sales service.

We have intelligent and professional multi-function
laptop battery test systems and battery aging
facilities to ensure each battery passes the quality
guarantee. We look forward to cooperating with
you with the purpose of creating mutual success.

Contact us today.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Moscow
Address: 4/F, Xinsheng Industrial Park, Xinsheng, Longgang, Shenzhen 518116, China
Mobile phone: + 7 (86) 75533838989
URL address: http://www.topping-battery.com
Contact person: kinson
Position: Sales

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